Jan 3, 2012

St Vinnies treasures

It was Christmas Eve and my brother in law wanted to scout out the charity stores as he often likes to do. More often than not he comes away with unexpected little unique treasures and we all wonder where he managed to find them.

On this little expidition, I stumbled across a pair of these gorgeous little leaf shaped dishes. My eyes were drawn to them instantly and at a grand sum of $3 for both, I couldn't leave them behind. To some these might just be small little white dishes, but when I saw them, I saw in them olive oil & dukkah, marinated olives, a delicious mustard, side dressing or dip. It's always like that when I see a platter or dish....I always wonder about all the things I would serve on it and then of course that sets me off on a completely new train of thought!

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a gorgeous find! I love scouting vintage stores too in the hopes of finding something lovely :)